As a Scuba Diver, I am very passionate about the damage which is being done to the ocean and the environment at large. That’s why I created Facε à La Mεr – a company dedicated to remaining carbon neutral throughout the t-shirt production process. You see, I wanted to create a company which produced awareness-building t-shirts while simultaneously causing as little damage to the environment as possible. I like to think that you can be successful and profitable without polluting the world too!

Our t-shirts are thus created from 100% organic material, using a carefully-planned production process which is carbon neutral throughout. Apart from this, for our printing we use water based eco-friendly inks that are vegan friendly and not tested on animals. Too many greedy companies devastate the Earth and leave a horrendously large carbon footprint in their wake, but we don’t believe in that. Here at Facε à La Mεr, we have seen the damage done to the environment with our own eyes, and we believe that all businesses should aim to function without destroying the planet in the process.

Our t-shirts are all themed around the idea of conserving and protecting the oceans, helping to spread awareness of this worldwide issue through organically-made garments. A portion of all the proceeds we receive from our customers will be donated to charities which focus on conserving the ocean and leading us toward a better tomorrow. By buying one of our 100% carbon neutral t-shirts, you will be helping to support the conservation of our glorious oceans.

The charity we are working with is Project Aware, a global force of passionate scuba divers who for over 25 years are constantly working hard to protect our Oceans. Did you know that there is a floating garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean which is roughly the size of Texas? We cannot expect our planet to sustain itself when we treat it in such a deplorable manner. The time for action is now – we don’t want these floating garbage islands to get any bigger and pollute our waters even further!

Here at Facε à La Mεr, we treat all of our customers with the respect that they deserve, striving for top-tier customer satisfaction with every purchase. Our dedicated sales team are here to answer any questions you might have any work and solve any problems which may arise with your order. We see all of our customers as our partners – together, we’re all trying to conserve and protect the world’s oceans, one carbon neutral t-shirt at a time.

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