MIn today’s eco friendly world of recycling, upcycling of used or outdated products into new and creative ideas. We are a world of unique forward-thinking individuals that are powering a change in our environments for the better, one step at a time.

We opt out on plastic bottles and bags, we plant gardens, and bicycle to work in order to reduce our impact on our planet. We care and make every effort possible individually and as a whole, to ensure the future of our home to those who will continue after us.

One area of our planet that has the potential to impact the planet is our oceans, the water that flows through our countries. We water ski, dive, sail on it, and swim within it. It can be an easily overlooked part of our planet that can be too easily taken for granted.

Ocean pollution awareness cites what can have a very devastating impact on the rest of our planet’s resources. From the garbage we discard on our beaches that end up floating away and polluting the natural eco system within the waters. Illegal dumping of businesses and factories that pollute the waters of our future generations.

Endangered marine life is directly related to our misuse and disrespect of our planet and its natural resources.

There are some companies in our modern techie world that make the right choices necessary to leave little or no impact on the future generation’s resources. Facε à La Mεr is a company that cares about the global warming effect on oxygen producing planktons. Using solar and wind power ecofriendly resources to run a business. We make the choice every day by running a climate neutral factory production that protects the climate of our planet which in turn keeps the whole eco system in balance, ocean and land.

Facε à La Mεr offers consumers the capability to wear stylish clothes that are functional and have a minimum impact to the environment. When it is printed with eco friendly and vegan friendly water-based ink all the better. As a consumer if you are looking for a way to care for our environment beyond the standards most have already set and like to look stylish while doing so than purchasing and wearing eco-friendly clothing that minimizes or prevents ocean pollution is a good place to start.

We offer clothing that is 100% Organic Cotton where most of the items are produced in factories that are run on wind and solar power. Packaging that is also of a biodegradable and waterproof nature. What could be more eco friendly than clothing that is eco friendly from its very beginning to the moment it touches your skin.

Climate change is a planet difficulty that affects us all. In order to fix it we must take a combined effort to do so. Global warming is what ultimately causes climate change. If the temperature rises it causes the climate to shift and change.

The earth naturally does this on its own but at a much slower pace. Our current situation is potentially dangerous for us because it changes so swiftly and unexpectedly because there is the potential for extinction of certain natural life on Earth.

These climate changes caused by global warming can have some very negative and impactable consequences that would impact our biological, physical well being and all our human systems.

Global warming which is caused by dangerous greenhouse gas effect which is a normal process that the atmosphere keeps some of the Sun’s resourceful heat which allow our planet to keep a paradise like environment. Without what they call the greenhouse effect temperatures would be vastly different, and certainly not conducive to human or animal life.

We as humans can negatively impact or planet by increasing the greenhouse gases, as well as animals. This increases the temperature of our planet Earth.

There are certain things that can increase greenhouse gases, such things as deforestation, destroying the marine ecosystems and increases in populations around the globe. The industrial revolution was the first time that humans began truly having a negative impact on the greenhouse gases we make and destroying our planet. The revolution as they called it began with agriculture, transport, demographics and technology. After this the amount of people began to steadily increase at a faster rate and this increases the natural resources that are needed to a live, all this increased the global temperature.

The consequences can bring about the endangerment of flora and fauna that can include us as humans. It can also cause the melting of glacial ice which can raise the actual level of the sea. This can threaten the coastal environments and bring about flooding.

The climate change that would be experienced would cause wildly erratic and disastrous weather phenomenon’s such as flooding and droughts. It would have an impact on the chain of life and the economics of the developing countries.

Acidifications of the oceans. Melting poles, increasing sea levels, changes to the ecosystems, increased extinction of species and unstable weather patterns and finally worldwide changes to the migration patterns.

Ways that we can avoid this from happening in big and small ways through climate mitigation and adaptation. While we can never fully prevent this from happening, we can slow it down enough to make changes to ourselves and how we adapt and life with this new world.

We can adapt and change to move with the changes of this planet and ways to do that include the renewable and recyclable methods we are doing in our world today. By slowing the process of our planet warming we are finding ways to adapt to those changes naturally. Whether it is bicycling to work or deciding not to use plastic, it helps.

By wearing eco friendly clothing that is 100% Organic and made of natural materials that is both ecofriendly and vegan you are embracing the changes slowly that are coming to us in the future regarding our planet.

When a company shows its forward-thinking abilities regarding endangered marine life and a strong desire to change the tomorrow, we and our future generations face they are showing their capabilities as a company who can provide the individuals of our planet with the products they need and wish. Products that they can feel good wearing. Every time the clothing is worn it reminds us how big our impact can be on this planet and our resources. That we can strive to set standards for the generations of the future so that they can continue to preserve what resources we do have.

Companies that choose to be eco friendly and use climate neutral factory production to run their businesses put their best foot forward in the fight to slowdown the effects of climate change and global warming. They make ocean pollution awareness and other pollution the focal point of their business. They promote change within the world that is set to improve the world at large for today’s generation as well as future generations to come.

It is something you can feel good about participating in, you get to wear clothing that looks great and is eco friendly and while you do it you are further helping the planet and its resources for future generations to come. Even if you don’t ride your bicycle to work or sometimes forget about all those all issues that you know you should do something about regarding reduce, reuse, recycle.

Wearing clothing that is eco friendly is something that comes naturally for everyone. Every time you take a piece of clothing from the closet or dresser you can realize you are making a conscious effort to impact the world by purchasing and wearing a product that is cruelty free by being vegan, and 100% percent cotton which is organic.

Next time you go shopping for that new wardrobe consider the impact your choices will have on those around you and globally. The impact your choices will have on the earth, it’s resources, the creatures of the planet large and small.

Cost can be a factor in everyone’s clothing choices. But when we factor in the price buying poorly manufactured clothing will have on our planet than sometimes it is better to buy less clothing but of a better quality. Classic styles, simple designs, eco friendly materials, in a factory that is run by solar and wind energy by a company that wants nothing more than to restore hope to the future.

Whether it is the oceans or weather and climate change, by taking steps to minimize our impact we are aiding in restoring the delicate balance of life here on this planet. It’s never a question of the will I but more importantly a question of how I can do this consciously every day. Companies that put their best foot forward are thinking of your design wishes as well as the planet, what could be better?

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